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  • New book reveals the best wild swimming spots in Croatia and Slovenia

    A new travel guide reveals a wilder way to immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes of Croatia and Slovenia.     takes a deep dive into the countries’ untamed and secluded places to take a dip, from dreamy coves on car-free islands to crystal-clear lakes and from secret plunge pools at the bottom of waterfalls to aquamarine canyons. […]

  • MH370: A look at some of the theories surrounding the mystery

    On March 8, 2014, Airlines Flight 370 and the 239 people on-board took off into the night’s sky from Kuala Lumpur, never to be seen or heard from again. In the nine years since, one of the world’s largest aviation disasters still remains one of the great mysteries of our age, with no investigation resulting in […]

  • 10 reasons why Crete is the perfect spot for your autumn getaway

    The beautiful Greek mainland and its amazing collection of islands have so much to offer, it’s no surprise they’ve long been the destination of choice for summer holidaymakers. But with the peak holiday period passing and the crowds dying down  With the temperatures cooling it’s easier to spend more time outdoors, ideal for lazy cafe days, […]

  • Why those in the know are going to Central Dalmatia this summer

    There is a place where islands bask in brilliant sunshine and the charming squares of ancient towns drip with vibrant flowers.  Where brooding mountains invite you to explore endless trails and the Mediterranean climate ripens grapes for wine, olives for silky oils and the vegetables on your plate.  This is , the beating heart of […]

  • The VERY glamorous WAGS of US Open as tennis championship approaches

    We are just days away from the highly anticipated US Open – which will kick off on Monday, August 29, and conclude on Saturday, September 11, and will see the world’s top tennis players face off in Queens, New York City to find out who will be crowned as the champion. The event, which is one […]